The history of Bohemian crystal glass dates back to the 13th century with the discovery that potash combined with chalk created a clear colourless glass that was more stable than Italian glass. And it was non-lead.

This glass could be cut with a wheel. Furthermore, natural resources such as wood for firing the kilns and for burning down to ashes were used to create potash. There were also copious amounts of limestone and silica found in the area.

Expert craftsmen working artfully with crystal glass made Bohemian crystal famous for its excellent cut and engraving. In the 19th century a glass-making school system was established that encouraged traditional and innovative techniques as well as technical preparation.

Each Lord of Crystal product stands in this history and requires hours of strenuous hand work by glass masters. Production secrets are handed over from old glass-makers generations.

It takes years of hard training to achieve the status of a glass-master. Besides talent, glass-masters must have physical strength to work by a furnace with molten glass at the temperature of 1200° Celsius inside, gouging out wooden moulds by hand, cutting, painting all entirely by hand.

This art craft was and still has been our glass-makers`mission.

Each Lord of Crystal mug is produced in a strictly limited edition of just 500 pieces!


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